Installing RStan on HPC cluster

This took me some time to make it work, so I’ll write the details here for the benefit of my future self and anyone else facing similar issues. To run R in the Apocrita cluster (which runs CentOS 7) first load the modules module load R module load gcc (gcc is required to compile the packages from source.) Before starting you should make sure that you don’t have any previous installation of RStan in your system.

Bayesian multilevel models using R and Stan (part 1)

Photo ©Roxie and Lee Carroll, In my previous lab I was known for promoting the use of multilevel, or mixed-effects model among my colleagues. (The slides on the /misc section of this website are part of this effort.) Multilevel models should be the standard approach in fields like experimental psychology and neuroscience, where the data is naturally grouped according to “observational units”, i.e. individual participants. I agree with Richard McElreath when he writes that “multilevel regression deserves to be the default form of regression” (see here, section 1.