2 Departmental survey about statistical methods

I used an anonymous survey to ask colleagues some questions about which topics may be more interesting or useful in their research.

2.1 March 2022

2.1.1 Question 1

In the first question people indicated topics of interests. The winner are multilevel models, followed closely by Bayesian statistics.

There were some additional suggestions.

#> [1] "power analyses using Shiny apps"                                                         
#> [2] "agent-based models"                                                                      
#> [3] "this may be covered in the above, but approaches to analysing experience sampling method"
#> [4] "Methods for longitudinal analyses"                                                       
#> [5] "Network modelling"                                                                       
#> [6] "Neural networks, Markov processes"                                                       
#> [7] "Random forests and related"                                                              
#> [8] "causal modelling using regression models - path models etc"                              
#> [9] "prediction modelling"

A few other topics were mentioned in the comment section:

  • Shiny apps
  • Network modelling
  • Longitudinal analyses
  • Random forests
  • Neural network

2.1.2 Question 2

Here people indicated their interest for topics related to data analysis.

Other things mentioned in the comments were:

  • SPM
  • Docker
  • Python

2.1.3 Question 4

This question was about likelihood of using different formats of support

2.1.4 Respondents’ status

The final questions asked about the status / career level.